New Old Stock

New Old Stock (NOS) refers to the official OEM parts that were ordered as ‘new’ back in the era in which the vehicle was in service. For whatever reason, however, these parts then sat on the shelf for years, never having been installed or used in a repair.

NOS parts are particularly valuable during restorations as they often provide the best combination of fit and function, given that they were designed and produces with the same tooling as the car or truck they will be installed in. NOS parts are a little like opening a time machine to the year your vehicle was built in and stepping right into the service department. Sometimes finding the right part requires a bit of luck.

Generally, a part is considered NOS if it meets the following requirements: it’s no longer in production, has been discontinued by the manufacturer, has been sitting in the excess inventory of local dealerships for a very long time. NOS parts can be used as replacements without being considered end of run automotive parts, as they were made with the intention of building a car from scratch.

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