Interior car care is important and offers a variety of benefits. Firstly, it is cost effective. Rather than running to the dealership at the first sign of trouble, you can maintain the interior of the car on your own. This lengthens its lifespan and preserves the quality of the car. Not to mention, enhancing the appearance of your car, removing dust and stains. Interior maintenance also improves air quality. It eliminates odors, bacteria, and removes lingering dust. More importantly, interior cleaners can protect your upholstery, which is usually the first interior element to break down from excessive use and UV rays.


Interior car cleaners work to clean and restore interior surfaces in your vehicle without leaving blotches, stains, residues, or streaks after its application. Note that many cleaners require a clean cloth. Keep in mind also, that different cleaners may only work well on certain surfaces, so be sure to check which surfaces your cleaners are meant for.

Interior cleaners are also able to pick up dust while being tough on stains, some even going as far as preventing future dust and stain buildup.

Overtime, UV rays can damage vinyl, leather, plastic, and rubber surfaces, causing them to crack and fade. If left untreated, this damage can be permanent. Many interior cleaners provide UV protection to treat and prevent this type of damage.

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